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The Website:
This website, Rolemagic .com, is not a shop or store making profit and is currently set up as a private online sale of my own personal magic items, some that I have never used or no longer need and considered to be 2nd hand items.

This website is made to function as easy as possible for anyone to navigate and find items they may wish to give a second life to. All items have been categorised to make searching for items as easy and convient as possible. For example, a DVD featuring an act that is suitable for stage work will be categorised under DVDs and Stage.  Of course all items listed are priced fairly as second hand goods and all sales will be on a first come first served basis.

The Items:
I am selling the items for 3 main reasons. 1 to make space, 2 to provide them to someone who can make better use of them, 3 to generate some money to reinvest in other items I would like.

There is only one of each item and since this is not a retail website, there is no intention of ever re-stocking on any item listed. Once an item is gone it is gone.  Some items are vintage and rare to find. Items will be sold on a first come first served basis, decided upon who is the first to hit the purchase button. Some items are used, others have packaging opened but are unused and some have not been opened or used and are like new. But even those items will be treated as second hand goods so a great deal is bound to be found on the right item for the right person.

Most items include original packaging and instructions, some others may not.  The condition of the items, what is included and what is not, will be stated in the description. All the descriptions are exactly as described however do not hesitate to get in contact should you wish to ask for further information regarding any particular item.

Items will be listed on a regular basis so if you do not find anything that may interest you at this particular moment, please revisit from time to time and check out any new additions to the items up for sale.

There is a fixed fee on shipping which is just enough to cover the cost to register the package to be shipped. The fixed fee will be the same regardless of the quantity of items per order. This means that you can save on shipping costs by purchasing more than one item per order. All items will be safely packed and sent via airmail first class signed for post. Shipping costs are explained here.

Who Am I?:
I have been accumulating magic since the late 80s, performing since 1996 and a professional magician since 2000. I adopted the word Rolemagic way back in the mid 90s and Rolemagic .com was my first ever website dedicated to my magic. During this course I have accumulated a great deal of magic, some of which is now taking to much space. As reluctant as I feel to sell my items, I need to do this as I’ve have too many things that I have not used or even opened since I first bought the item and I feel they may be of better use to someone else.

Brian Role - Rolemagic
You will find more details of me on my current artist website www.brianrole.com

Discover A Great Item:
Please take some time to go through this website and discover the things that I am parting with. I do hope that you can find a great deal somewhere on this website and find something that you may have been looking for. Who knows, the next click may uncover an item you’ve always wanted but could never find available. Good Luck!