Magic Show Children Malta

The Best Magic Show For Children In Malta or Gozo

Brian’s Magic Show For Children

Are you organising a birthday, Holy Communion or any other type of party for your child in Malta or Gozo? Do you want the best magic show for children, one that will keep the little ones immersed in a magical fun world full of magic, fun and participation? Brian’s Magic Show is sure to provide you with all you seek and so much more.

Magic for Children In Malta and Gozo

Brian’s Magic Show for Children is:

  • Magical and Amazing
  • Colorful and Fun
  • Full Of Participation
  • Imaginative and Creative
  • Affordable quality that is value for money.
  • The Only Magic Show In Malta and Gozo of its kind!

Durations and Other Details

  • Choose between a 30min or a 45min attention grabbing show for the ones that matter the most.
  • Brian creates special moments with children from the audience during each show
  • Perfect photo opportunities for you to capture those unforgettable moments of your child having an amazing time.
  • Expect, color changing magic, production and disappearance of things, floating objects and so much more packed into one amazing professional magic show.
  • The party child does get to perform a special magic effect together with Brian, thus ensuring to become the star of the show.
  • Many segments are visual and the magic is acted out through music.
  • Choose between a show for a specific age group, or a show that is ideal for different ages.
  • Each children’s show is created with a family audience in mind so adults will have fun too.
  • Brian can perform his show in any sort of venue or private residences.
  • Audience size does not matter, Brian can entertain a handful of children or a hall full of children in the same manner through his amazing fun magic show.

Why Choose This Magic Show?

Brian begun providing professional magic shows for children since 1997 and has not stopped since then. He has vast experience performing not only in Malta or Gozo but internationally for different audiences in many countries.  He has great wit and an imaginative mind when creating specific moments that children will remember and have fun being part of. Apart from appearing on television and in various production shows, Brian also starred in his own full scale magic and illusion theater show for children ‘Magic in Cartoonland‘ at the Manoel Theatre in Valletta.

The Show:
The story of a child who grows up to become a magician and amaze people of all ages across the world while encountering strange magical objects on his journey through several countries is what Brian’s magic show is all about. During the show Brian shows his young audience strange and mysterious objects exploring the magic they hold within. The show does not involve the use of any animals. Expect a show that is colorful, fun and full of funny moments. A show that puts smiles on children’s faces while amazing them with the oddity of the magic they will witness. On top of that even the adults enjoy Brian’s magic show for children too!

Brian Role` is a professional magician in Malta who performs on a full time basis. He has experience performing worldwide on cruise ships, on television and in theatres for all kinds of audiences of different ages, nationalities and cultures. Brian holds various awards from winning magic competitions. These awards for parlor magic, children’s magic and close up magic from competitions in Malta. He is also the only magician in Malta to be in possession of the most prestigious award in magic, the Merlin Award. The Merlin Award is an award given to the best magicians in the world  by the International Magician’s Society. Magicians who hold the Merlin Award include David Copperfield, Criss Angel and other top magicians.

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What is Provided
Brian’s Children’s magic show comes with:
All the props and equipment (tables stands etc) required for the show
Basic PA System
Head Worn Mic for outdoor and larger venues

What is Required
An appropriate space where the show is facing an audience preferably backed against a wall or within a corner with no people behind the performer during the show.
A performing area that does not obstruct a passage way or entrance.
The audience placed seated (on chair or on the floor) and a performing space of about 1.5 – 2mtrs from the front row of the audience.
A power outlet for the PA and electric equipment.

To check availability and to book Brian’s magic show for children please visit the following link and fill out the contact form or else call +356 99820913 Monday – Friday 10:00am – 6:00pm.


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