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Til Death Do US Part – Jim Critchiow – 1 Only

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Using some old wedding photographs of married couples from the last 80 years and a presentation that simply has to be true (doesnt it?) Jim has devised one of the most extraordinarily powerful prediction effects that you will ever perform.

Like New In Original Packaging


LIke New In Original Packaging.

Til Death Do Us Part` – Video Demo Below

Jim Critchlow has seamlessly blended magic, mentalism and storytelling to create a unique moment of astonishment that leaves spectators truly stunned. When performed at the right time, there is absolutely nothing that can follow this effect.

Whilst telling a story about 10 married couples, the performer shows 10 photos, taken over the past 80 or so years, of these couples on their wedding days. As the performer further recounts the (very!) unpleasant details of one of the married couples, a participant decides on one of the photos. He/she then makes several further choices, including how to physically tear the photo.

Every decision the participant makes fits completely with the increasingly dark story that the performer is telling. As a final proof of the veracity of this tale, the participant opens a photographic prediction given to him beforehand and it matches perfectly.

The memory of witnessing Til Death Do Us Part resonates with spectators long after the performance is over and most who watch it dont perceive it as any kind of trick at all. It is simply an incredible story with an absolutely inexplicable ending.

Complete with all the necessary photos, full DVD instruction and discussion and PDF files to print more photos as required.
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