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A card is inserted between two other cards form one side, but comes out from below the bottom card on the other side.
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This is a free gift for you, an instantly downloadable project and a great visual magic effect that anyone can perform from beginners to experts. No other purchase is required.

The PDF explains how to prepare the simple and easily available props and perform the effect.

The Effect

The magician displays two of his business cards. He asks a member of the audience to inspect them. He then asks another volunteer to select a card from a deck of cards. Once the card is selected, one business card is placed over the selected card and the magician then places the other business card between the two and starts to push it in slowly. He clearly shows that the business card is really between them both. He then proceeds to push the business card further in and when it protrudes from the other side it is seen to be coming out from under both the playing card and the other business card and not from between them. Somehow the business card has mysteriously penetrated the bottom playing card. In fact the magician shows both sides of the business card and the audience can actually see one side which is clearly between the other two cards and the side coming out clearly beneath both cards. He then asks a member of the audience to pull out the business card all the way.

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Once this is done, he displays the selected playing card and other business card which are clearly unharmed and leaves both business cards with the volunteers as a ‘souvenir’.


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